Sunday, May 01, 2005

Do Residents of Corona Need More Debt for Another Government Bureaucracy?

"I'm from the government, and I’m here to help.” Those may be the nine most frightening words any taxpayer can hear. Yet throughout the state of California, taxpayers are under assault by free-spending government bureaucrats. The latest government scheme cooked up by the city of Corona is to create a bureaucracy to take over electrical service to the city.

At a special lame-duck session on December 2 (two council members were replaced the following day), the Corona City Council unanimously voted to seek court approval of a hostile takeover of Southern California Edison’s electrical distribution system. It was soon apparent that the hearing was really no more than window dressing to comply with legal requirements. Despite public testimony three-to-one against the plan, and compelling testimony from Edison that the city’s feasibility study was fundamentally flawed, the council heard nothing to change their minds. Perhaps they were motivated by the fact that it was disclosed by the city manager for the first time at this hearing that the city had already spent $900,000 in their attempt! How many firefighters and police officers could be hired, or youth athletic fields built, with that money?

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